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About Electronics Recycling in Chicago, Illinois

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This is the mantra of modern day advocates for saving our fragile and rapidly deteriorating environment.

One of the biggest contributors to landfill expansion and hazardous chemicals leaking into the soil and water supplies is used or obsolete electronics equipment. Many states have proposed or initiated legislation which addresses these concerns.

Currently the state of Illinois has no requirements in place for electronics recycling; Chicago, however, is home to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and their proposed best practices.

By visiting this website, you will find a link to a publication which addresses grant opportunities for entities to become a registered recycler of electronics products. The deadline for responding to this call is December of this year. In addition there are links to the Illinois Recycling Grants Program and the Recycling Expansion and Moderation Program.

The state of Illinois also has Illinois Recycling Association, part of the National Recycling Coalition. This non-profit organization states that their function is to be the collective voice for addressing waste management and recycling issues with the state.

Without a doubt, this association will be pressing for firm legislation which deals with these concerns. Should they be effective, there will likely be regulations concerning electronics recycling in Chicago as well as the rest of the state.

Getting Started Electronics Recycling in Chicago

The Chicago Recycling Coalition does much the same as the state association but concentrates only on the greater Chicago metropolitan area. As listed on the City of Chicago website, there are currently only 16 drop off centers for the recycling of household items.

These centers only accept a small variety of electronics which can be recycled. According to the Chicago Recycling Coalition, “The long-term solution to this problem is to work for a comprehensive plan to require manufacturers to be responsible for what they produce from cradle to grave and provide recycling and remanufacturing of their products”.

What About the Short Term?

The opportunity for creating a business concern which performs electronics recycling in Chicago is apparent. This city which is home to over 3,000,000 people creates a wealth of electronics waste on a daily basis.

With today’s continually changing technology, this situation will only continue to grow. Solutions which address the problem of electronics disposal have never been more important.

Consumers have created the need for a source with which to be able to recycle their numerous electronics equipment. Entrepreneurs can easily fill the existing void by providing this service.

For electronics recycling, Chicago is a market prime for the addition of businesses offering services to dispose of and reuse the materials in a variety of products.

You may want to consider if the time is ripe for you to take advantage of the situation.