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How To Manage A Recycling Electronics Fundraiser

If you are a member or coordinator of an association, a school, an athletic program or another not-for-profit entity, have you considered a recycling electronics fundraiser?

This is a great way to accomplish two purposes: to raise money for your organization and to help save our environment by recycling used and outdated electronics equipment.

So many consumers have stacks of old electronics devices and nowhere to properly dispose of them that a recycling electronics fundraiser will surely be welcomed in your community.

Getting Started With Your Recycling Electronics Fundraiser

There are several companies which will take your collection and pay for the reusable components and scrap metals and plastics.

You can easily find a list of them online. You may also be able to find a local business which deals in e-waste and would be willing to exchange your collection for cold hard cash.

After you’ve found a vendor who will pay for the electronics equipment, think about how and where you will collect electronics devices. For small items, such as iPods, cell phones, and PDAs, a simple plastic tub with a slit cut in the cover would function perfectly well as a collection container. H

owever, if you are going to accept computers, printers, monitors, televisions and other larger items, you will obviously need a much larger bin.

Think about where the collection containers will be placed, as well. You need to consider security for the items if they are being collected in an open or outdoor area.

Perhaps the containers can be emptied nightly or only placed in locations which are locked after everyone is disbursed, such as a school office. After all, it does no good to amass devices for resale if they are going to be stolen.

Another idea for obtaining additional electronics equipment is to ask your local cell phone store or any retailer which offers turn-in service. Most will be happy to help your cause by donating the devices which are brought to them.

Be sure you do an effective job of promotion well in advance of your recycling electronics fundraiser event. You will want to raise awareness in your community by handing out flyers and perhaps even placing some small ads in the local newspaper.

Amass your team. You may need several volunteers to help you create and distribute collection bins as well as emptying them as needed. Depending on how much equipment you collect, you might also need some extra trunk or pickup bed space to transport them to the recycler.

Holding a recycling electronics fundraiser is a win-win situation for everyone involved. It allows consumers to get rid of unwanted equipment, provides inventory for recycling facilities, and puts money in the coffers of your organization.