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Make Money Recycling Electronics

There are many benefits to preventing your used and outdated electronics equipment from ending up in landfills but one possibility you may not have considered is recycling electronics for funds.

Yes, electronics recycling is good for the environment by preventing hazardous waste from leaching into the soil and groundwater and it is a great way to reuse materials and components.

But there may be something else in it for you – adding a bit of extra cash to your pocket.

While manufacturers and retailers such as Staples, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard are now offering programs allowing consumers to return old electronics equipment to them for reuse or recycling, there are some companies which are now making a business of collecting these devices.

The best part is that they will pay you for turning in your unwanted equipment - recycling electronics for funds.

Companies Which Pay For Used Electronics

There are several forward-thinking businesses currently recycling electronics for funds.

One Los Angeles company offers to buy back electronics devices for a small upfront fee. For example, you would pay $9 to the company when you purchase a new iPod. When you are ready to upgrade your device, the company pays you for its return.

The amount they pay is based on the time period. In this instance, the iPod would be worth $40 a year later or $20 two years later. While this is not as much as you might make by reselling it at a site such as eBay, the process is quick, easy, and guaranteed.

The company provides the shipping cost and package. If your electronics device is not in good condition, the company will ensure it gets recycled with no further action from you.

Other, smaller companies work in much the same manner, except they do not charge the initial fee. They will take any device for recycling electronics for funds, even if it is broken, but the price they pay depends on condition. Some companies limit the type of electronics they will accept.

Another option for recycling electronics for funds is to offer a payback and recycling service, as well. If they are able to resell your electronics device, they will pay you for it.

If not, they will ensure it gets properly recycled. The best part about this type of program is that it is easy to use an online calculator to determine just how much your device is worth. Shipping is prepaid and payment for your device is made via company check.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it does provide enough information to get you started recycling electronics for funds.