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Electronics Recycling Options For Spokane Residents

If you are a resident of Spokane, Washington, recycling electronics is as easy as finding the facility closest to your residence. There are several places which will recycle everything from computers to ink cartridges to cell phones.

The state of Washington refers to this as e-recycling.

Of course, for most consumers in Spokane, recycling electronics is recognized for its benefits of in saving the environment and the state is doing its part to raise awareness of the ecological issues around disposing of potentially hazardous e-waste.

To that effect, the Washington government ordered a survey to determine just how many electronics devices were being added annually to the solid waste stream. The result was a push for legislation to address the problem.

Currently, there are no regulations in place regarding the disposal of e-waste. However, in 2006 the state passed the Electronics Products Recycling Law in response to the above-mentioned study.

This law places the onus of collecting, transporting, and recycling used electronics devices on the manufacturers. Covered entities such as personal consumers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and small businesses must be offered a drop-off location to take their used electronics equipment for later recycling or reuse.

This equipment includes computers, laptops, monitors, and televisions only. The law is currently not enforced as it will go into effect January 1, 2009.

Where to Recycle Electronics in Spokane

Until that time, for residents of Spokane, recycling electronics related to computers and peripherals must be performed by one of seven companies in the greater metropolitan area. These companies are listed online at the city’s website.

Spokane lists several additional resources, as well. Dell has begun a program for recycling computers and components at no charge to consumers. Simply by logging onto their website, residents can receive a prepaid shipping label for pickup at their home of any unwanted equipment.

The only drawback to this program is that Dell only accepts computer equipment which they have manufactured.

For recycling cell phones, the City of Spokane recycling electronics program does offer curbside pickup in the regular recycling bins provided to residents. They are simply asked to place the cell phone and its charger atop the other items in the bin.

According to the city, these used cell phones are refurbished and then redistributed, if at all possible. If not, the cell phones receive proper disposal.

If you live in Spokane, recycling electronics is a great way to preserve the environment and perhaps give your used equipment a second chance at life. Soon, this will be even easier to accomplish.