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The Need for An Electronics Recycling Program

Technology is great and most Americans these days could hardly imagine living without the many benefits from computers, cell phones, digital cameras and the like, however the rapid development of technology also means that there is a great need for electronics recycling programs.

Well over half of all American households own at least one computer. This is in addition to the number of adjuncts such as monitors, printers, etc., cell phones which are replaced nearly every year, iPods and PDAs, digital cameras – the list goes on and on.

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) citing a study from the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans are the proud owners of an average 24 such products per household.

Every year new technology is identified which makes these electronics devices obsolete. Consequently, there are a potential 24 devices each year, if not sooner, which get replaced.

The EPA is doing its best to educate Americans on the importance of reusing and recycling electronics equipment and how to do so safely. While many state government agencies, retailers, and manufacturers are stepping up by providing electronics recycling programs, they are not completely filling the void created by ever-growing piles of hazardous waste.

As well, many states in our country are passing legislation which specifically regulates the disposal of electronics. California has even instituted landmark legislation which decreed several years that anyone purchasing an electronics device must pay an additional cost which covers the fee for its later disposal.

What You Can Do

If you are entrepreneurial type, you may want to consider starting your own business with electronics recycling programs. This is the most direct action you can take to help preserve our environment and partner with your state stay in complying with federal regulations.

If you are unsure if this is an option you want to consider, start by taking a look at the current need in your community.

Are there electronics recycling programs already in place?

How many facilities can handle taking in used and outdated electronics equipment?

Are there any private companies which already offer these services and if so, are there enough of them to properly serve the community?

What about businesses in your area? Do they have an easy way to recycle their old equipment?

Depending on the answers to your research, this will tell you just how much business you may expect by starting your own electronics recycling firm.

After you’ve determined need, you will want to carefully investigate the rules and regulations in place for qualified entities in your state. Surprisingly, compliance with state laws is usually fairly easy and uncomplicated.

Finally, get started with your own electronics recycling programs. The time is optimal and if conditions in your community are right, you can be in business and making a profit in no time.