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Recycling Electronics In Phoenix, Arizona

For recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ residents are lucky enough to have a city-run program which is inexpensive and easy to use.

In 2001, the City of Phoenix was awarded an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Waste Reduction Assistance Grant and began to offer a collection program for residents’ unwanted appliances and electronics. The awarded grant funded the purchase of vehicles and the necessary equipment for recycling.

The city’s goals are much the same as other municipalities and state governments concerned about the environment. In pursuing recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ has vowed to reuse and recycle equipment rather than add it to the burgeoning landfills and contribute to toxic chemicals leaching into the soil and groundwater systems.

This successful program has diverted excess materials from trash trucks while providing them to recycling facilities, made waste collection more efficient and added revenue to the city’s coffers.

How It Works

Phoenix residents are allowed to provide no more than five electronics devices in front of their property for pickup by city trucks.

A simple call or email message to the Solid Waste Customer Service Call Center allows residents to set up a collection date. They must include their name, address, and phone number as well as a description of the materials. This creates a service request for the items to be picked up within five days.

A representative from the solid waste department will leave a confirmation of pickup notice at the house. Residents are billed for this service within a two-week period.

While there is a fee for the service of recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ has ensured it is a nominal charge and well worth the cost in terms of convenience.

What Happens to the Electronics Equipment After Pickup?

The equipment picked up by the city for recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ is transported directly to a recycling facility or scrap metal dealer.

There are also business partners who will perform the arduous task of disassembly to retrieve usable components such as metals and plastics. Revenues received from the sale of these materials goes back into the solid waste management fund to make the program self-sustaining.

The only drawback to this program is that the city will only accept computers, monitors, and stereo equipment. They are not equipped to accept televisions. However, Phoenix periodically holds household hazardous waste collection events for television sets and other electronics devices. Residents may also donate used equipment to Students Recycling Used Technology.

For recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ residents can easily accomplish the task of getting rid of unwanted and outdated devices.