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´╗┐Understanding Grey Water Recycling

Grey water recycling is a growing trend that has caught on in the wake of the current surge in environmental awareness. Grey water is simply the waste water leftover after performing daily household activities.

The water that is drained from the sink, shower and washing machine are all considered to be grey water. The only household waste water that is not included in this classification is that which comes from the toilet.

Grey water recycling is simply finding uses for this water, rather than letting it enter the sewage or septic system.

Benefits Of Grey Water Recycling

There are many benefits of recycling grey water, helping both individuals and the planet.

For those who use grey water for irrigation, landscaping and other outdoor uses, such as washing cars, standard water consumption is reduced and water bills will be lower. Grey water recycling also reduces the amount of space that is taken up in septic and sewage systems.

Ecologically, grey water has been reported to add nutrients to the soil, improve the quality of ground and surface water over treated water and to support the growth of plants in areas that do not have enough natural water sources to do so.

Large Scale Grey Water Recycling

There are many commercial grey water recycling systems that can be purchased and set up for large scale dwellings. Many hotels, colleges and apartment complexes have these in place to help reduce the water consumption of their properties.

In these systems, grey water is separated from standard septic water, by its own system of drainage pipes. This water is then used for the toilets and outdoor water outlets, in lieu of wasting fresh water for these tasks.

Grey Water Recycling At Home

There are many plumbing solutions that can be set up within a residential home to reuse the grey water that is generally wasted on a daily basis.

For those with just a bit of plumbing knowledge, some of these systems are simple to set up on your own, while others can be professionally installed. Even at the most basic, grey water can be drained into barrels, then used to wash cars, water lawns and perform other outdoor tasks.

Grey water recycling will likely see more exposure in the future and as new developments are made, there should be more approved uses for this waste water.

Consumers and property owners who are serious about reducing their own negative impact on the planet should seriously consider recycling their grey water to help improve the environment. It is a cost effective solution that can benefit everyone.