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Unique Water Bottle Recycling Ideas

Water bottle recycling at a recycling center or curbside pickup is the ideal solution for disposing of plastic water bottles. However, in some areas there are no facilities available for water bottles that are made from certain types of plastics.

In this case, people can either throw their bottles into the garbage and risk cluttering up already overflowing landfills or they can find creative uses for the water bottle, recycling them into a useful item.

Water bottle recycling can be as simple as refilling the bottle with water from the tap or a larger water bottle and reusing it for another day. Refilled water bottles can also be frozen and placed into lunch bags or coolers to help keep cold foods chilled.

Care should be taken when refilling water bottles for reuse, however; as some types of water bottles contain dangerous chemicals that may leach into the water after too many uses.

There are many fun water bottle recycling projects that can be used to decorate the outside of your home. By cutting off the top portion of the bottle and threading string through the bottle, you can fill it with birdseed and create a birdfeeder for the feathered friends in your yard.

Make a spinner by cutting curved lines in the side of the bottle, then bending the plastic out to create fins. Hang by the lid, then watch the wind catch the fins and spin the bottle in the breeze. Paint your creations to add an even more personal touch.

Indoors, unrecyclable water bottles can become many useful things. Make a cute candy dish by using the bottom third of a water bottle, covered with colored cellophane and decorated with ribbons or stick-on jewels.

Paint the bottom of a cut-off water bottle, then use it as a votive candle holder. If you are into crafts, the bottom half of a plastic bottle makes a great reusable paint container or holder for tiny craft pieces. The more you think about it, the more places that you will find opportunities for water bottle recycling.

Of course if you take a bit more care when choosing a water bottle, recycling is as simple as dropping the empty bottle into a recycling bin or carrying your bottles out for curbside pickup.

Every now and then, though, unrecyclable water bottles still may turn up in your travels. This is when you must use your imagination for water bottle recycling ideas. With a bit of creativity, those useless water bottles can have a new life and stay out of the landfill.