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Hot Water Heater Recycling and Reuse

When large home appliances break, there are really only two options for homeowners to choose from: fix it or replace it. While repairing a broken water heater is the most efficient way of hot water heater recycling, sometimes purchasing a newer model cannot be avoided.

When this is the case, hot water heater recycling takes on a whole new meaning. The hot water heater can either be thrown into a landfill or taken to a recycling center, which specializes in appliance recovery and recycling.

Hot water heater recycling requires a bit more attention than just placing the appliance out by the curb with your household recycling, for pickup by the city. Generally, hot water heaters will need to be delivered to these special recycling centers.

While some state and county landfills do have facilities for hot water heater recycling, in other areas, it is necessary to call a company that deals in scrap metal to handle the disposal of your broken appliance.

Depending on the particular policies of the company, they may be able to pick up the hot water heater from your home, however; they may charge extra for this service.

If you have decided to replace a hot water heater for other reasons, such as needing a larger model, and the unit that you have is still in working order, you have another hot water heater recycling option available to you. Giving away your old hot water heater is a great choice.

By doing so, you will be keeping a working appliance out of a landfill or recycling center, plus someone else can have the benefit of a working water heater that they might not otherwise have been able to afford. Placing a classified ad, asking someone to come and haul it away for free takes only minutes and you will likely get an immediate response.

Often, newspapers allow consumers to place ads for giveaway items, such as this, for free. This gives people even more incentive to recycle their unwanted, but still usable, items to others who are in need.

While purchasing a new appliance isn’t always the happiest shopping trip, knowing that you have responsibly disposed of your old hot water heater can help to ease the pain a bit.

By choosing hot water heater recycling over dumping off the broken water heater into a landfill, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have not contributed to the growing pollution problem in this country. While hot water heater recycling is just one piece to the environmental puzzle, it is certainly an important one.